Argentina Grill in Kiev

Hola, Señores!

Giving you passion is my life!
May my soul’s fire make your eyes shine with love to wonderful and beautiful, my homeland Argentina. I promise you will see it in every little bit of Asado and fall in love with it forever.
I look forward to inviting you to my kitchen…


Here at the center of my world, my fiery heart, is a unique and perfect at everything grill Parilla. Its coals burn tirelessly giving to all the dishes that distinctive, one of a kind Argentinean taste. The rich spicy aromas of herbs with an undertone of passionate tango will delight and entice you to return over and over again.
With me you will learn to love fiercely and passionately!
Love with Argentina Grill.


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Kyiv, Obolon
M. Tymoshenko street, 18
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from 10 AM until the last guest

Hola, amigos!

At one of the greenest Kyiv districts, not far from the picturesque Dnipro, at the crossroads of central Obolon streets, beautiful and proud Argentina Grill is waiting for you.
The doors of my house are open from dawn till the very last guest. I am very hospitable as it is common in my homeland.
At the center of everything is a spacious and open kitchen. You can see for yourself how my asadors are cooking our famous special Asado.
In the quiet nook of my house rests my pride, my amazing wine room. Here I have collected for you the best Argentinean wines, as well as a few time proved samples from Italy and France.
In summer, the first floor of my house turns into a big terrace. Otherwise you may rest right on the green lawn, lying on soft poufs catching the bright sun rays. And in the evening, a stunning view over the city lights opens from my second floor.
My big house is seen from the far and you will easily find me here.


Argentina Grill is getting even closer.

Your favorite Argentine dishes are now available for ordering on line. Just select the dishes from the menu by following the link, and we will deliver them to your home or right to your office. We deliver your orders every day during the restaurant’s hours of operation. And may your day be special with Argentina Grill!


Did you have a good time at the restaurant? Don't forget to take with you the magical photos as a keepsake to remember! Photo reports from each event.


Watch the video to find out more about the restaurant and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Argentine summer. Enjoy;)



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Kyiv, Obolon
M. Tymoshenko street, 18
+38(067) 374-26-26

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Kyiv, Poznyaki
Ahmatova street, 22
+38(067) 215-26-26

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Kyiv, Podol
Peter Sahaidachny street, 27b
+38(067) 217-26-26

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